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Where Do We Begin?

You want to build a new home, but not sure what to do first?

Planning to build a new home can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  If you are thinking of building, there are a few steps you can take to assure the project will go smoothly.

v     Look for Property.   Look around in the areas you are interested in.  Do you want waterfront?  Acreage? A subdivision?  Is school area important?  Talk to a professional designer or a builder to be sure the lot will work for you before you buy it.


v    Talk to Your Bank.    Make a visit to the loan officer at your bank and let them know what you are planning.  Ask for a pre-approval so you know what you can spend, and have them explain the construction loan process to you.


v    Find a Home Plan.  Go through models or ‘open houses.’   Look through “Home Plan” magazines, sketch a simple design of your own, ask a builder what plans they have to offer, or visit a design firm or architect to look at plans for purchase.


v    Find a Builder.   Follow the "Tips for choosing a reputable builder."  Contact a builder and work with them from the start.  They should be willing to look at the property you are planning to buy.  This is very important!  They can offer advice as to whether the home you are planning to build will work on that property BEFORE you buy it.  The builder should be an excellent resource about the building process, helping you to avoid the many challenges that can occur.


v    Take Your Time!  The planning of a new home may take quite a bit of time.  Don’t rush through your decisions.  Make sure you understand everything before you sign the dotted line.  This may be the biggest purchase you ever make!


v    Enjoy!!  Building a new home is an exciting process!  Your builder should be willing to “hold your hand” through the entire project, keeping you well informed, and making the whole project go smoothly while offering many tips and educating you about your new home.


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