Custom Homes

Solis Builders of Louisiana, LLC

The Solis name has been known for quality and fairness in the building industry for 60 years!

First started in Illinois by John “Red” Solis in 1951, nearly a thousand homes were built in the Chicago area by John before he felt the call of a more northern location.  In the 1970’s, at the urging of business people in Wisconsin combined with his desire to enjoy the outdoors, John moved his business to South Central Wisconsin.  Once in Wisconsin, John’s business thrived as he built many homes and commercial buildings, along with remodeling. 

In the 1990’s, daughter Shirlene and her husband formed Solis Builders, LLC, as John chose to retire.  Shirlene carried on the family tradition of quality and fairness as taught to her by Dad.  Her son, who had been trained by Grandpa, also participated in the business when Mom hired his company, Kendall Built Construction, LLC, to use the quality learned from Grandpa & Mom, to build Mom’s homes.  The family tradition of quality building was now three generations strong!

Shirlene became actively involved in the local Builders Association, participated in the Parade of Homes, and most importantly, continued to educate herself on the newest trends in building coupled with the latest best practices.  In addition, Shirlene educated herself in Real Estate, and Aging in Place construction.

When Shirlene and her husband, Rodney, made the decision to move to a warm climate, a visit to family members in Lafayette allowed them to see the great Acadiana area and realize this was a place they could truly love.  They felt they had a good handle on building in an area like Louisiana.  They understood the need for quality work, energy efficiency, and fair price.  Having lived in Florida for many years and being involved in the building industry there, then living and building in the cold climate of Wisconsin, Shirlene & Rodney understood the need for accommodating all types of climates such as those experienced in Louisiana.

Since being in Louisiana, Shirlene & Rodney have built homes, room additions, and remodeled, in addition to other construction projects.  They truly appreciate the business they have had in the Lafayette area, and look forward to continuing to build custom homes, small commercial projects, room additions, and doing remodeling.